Sunday, February 6, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

Yesterday was my mothers birthday! :) And of course, I could not think for the life of me what I could get her... so I made some cupcakes.

Aren't they absolutely adorable?!

These are Strawberry cupcakes filled and frosted with whipped frosting, Mmmm. Sadly, these are not allergy friendly. They were a box mix. I'm told they were delicious though. ;)
I had wanted to make one of the cupcakes special, just for my mom. So I made a fondant rose, intending to only make one. Well, once my mom saw what the rose looked like on the cupcake I was told that I have to make them for ALL the cupcakes. So away I went making 15 fondant roses by hand. (no tools)

This one was my favorite. (:

Happy Birthday Mom, You're the best. Love you! (:

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