Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 That is how many cakes I will have made come Wednesday October 11th. It's probably a record of cakes for others. Not counting that crazy giant cake I made last year for the Eagle Tv anniversary. (Six extra large sheet cakes!)
  I've already made one of those cakes, that being the Sugar+Dairy free one from my last post. 
  The second will be for my dear friend Mirjam who's birthday is this Thursday. I'm not completely positive how this one is going to look, though it is definitely going to have an art+duck theme. Now as for the other 3...
  At Among Mongolia, where my dad works, each month they have day where all the birthdays of that month are celebrated and since we are leaving for Japan to visit my sister soon they chose this next wednesday to have their little celebration. There are over 50 employees working there, thus giving reason to the three other cakes. These three I haven't a clue of what to do with them yet but one thing I do know I will do... A hidden smiley face in the middle to surprise them when they cut into it! I'll use the same method that IAmBaker used for her St. Patrick's Day Cake.
  Even though I'm not completely set on anything except the flavors and random smileys, I'm getting quite excited about the rest of these 7 days since I'll finally have something to do during the day!

This is that giant cake I spoke of.
(right) Me. (left) Natalie.

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