Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are You My Mummy?

If you got the reference in the post title then you should be able to deduce that...
I am a geek, yes, I admit it a very big geek. :)

I LOVE Doctor Who, love it to bits! Doctor Who is a British sci-fi show. Don't worry I'll save you the long winded explanation of the show, I'll just give you a short one! It's pretty much a show about a 900some year old alien called the Doctor who travels through space and time with his human companions causing all kinds of havoc throughout the universe. That's the basics.

Now, in my opinion, one of the scariest episodes involves a zombie...a little boy zombie... a little boy gas mask zombie... in world war II. Don't judge it before you've seen it.

So, this week I will be having a Doctor Who marathon with some friends and being the baking Whovian that I am, I felt the need to make this....

And these...

                                                Are you my mummy?

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