Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Basket

Isn't he just to cute?!
This is another cake I made for the Ross employees. (the ones who didn't get a piece of the first cake) Once again they loved it and ate it up.. even *sniff* the bear! I was told he was cut in half. Perfect ending for a chocolate panda bear if I do say so myself.
I must admit I loved making this cake, even though I was up way to late for my taste just to finish it, and once again as a basket weave cake it looked like something resembling a kindergarteners mud pie with grass hair before the actual 'basket' was piped on. :)
Oh! did I mention this was my first time experimenting with chocolate molds! So I have to say, I am quite happy with how my little project turned out. I was worried his ears would break when I removed him from the mold and of course one did as you can see better in the picture bellow..
See? Right there..on the right. So sad!
Yes I know what you're thinking... he looks like a koala bear. But NO! he is a panda bear. :)
I used a pastry brush to put the colored chocolate into the parts of the mold that needed to be.. well... colored. and once those cooled a bit I poured in the rest! Mmmm, I like chocolate. :) For those two darling butterflies I used white chocolate in a... you guessed it.. butterfly mold! Once those has cooled I used a smidgen of water and pearl dust to paint them.

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